Accelerated Physics Introduction


We are a medical physics consulting group providing short-term services to Radiation Oncology clients nationwide. We specialize in linear accelerator acceptance testing and commissioning, treatment planning system beam data collection and modeling, annual inspections, and remote treatment planning services for 3-D and IMRT delivery.

  • Accelerated Commissioning

    Linear Accelerators and Treatment Planning Systems

    We offer accelerated acceptance testing, commissioning, and beam data collection services to help you focus on what's important - treating patients. We are experts on Varian and Elekta linear accelerators; Eclipse, XiO, and Pinnacle TPS; GammaKnife SRS and Nucletron HDR units.

  • Accelerated Dosimetry

    Affordable remote treatment planning services

    We can assist you with the implementation of new modalities or vendor equipment and provide remote treatment planning services. We currently support Eclipse, XiO, and Pinnacle TPS for 3D, IMRT, and Brachytherapy planning.

  • Accelerated Annuals

    We work weekends so you don't have to.

    We provide independent TG-51 machine calibration and TG-142 quality assurance checks to meet regulatory and ACR accreditation requirements.

software development


    Converts DICOM CT images into MCNP voxelized geometries for Monte Carlo simulation

  • Fast Calc

    A light-weight DICOM compliant MU calculator.

additional services